I am sure many will agree with me when I say this Auron cosplay is indisputably one of the best FFX cosplays out there.

Auron Cosplay FFX


In this larger picture, you’ll notice the perfect detail in the clothing. Also his sunglasses, hair style and even widows peak is a exact replica. This Auron cosplay from Final Fantasy 10 sings beautifully at the top of all the cosplays I’ve seen.

Auron Final Fantasy 10 Cosplay Comparison


As a young man of twenty-five years, Auron was a devoted warrior monk of Bevelle, well-regarded by Yevon’s upper echelons, and being groomed for a high-ranking position within the clergy. His personal convictions ultimately put a stop to any career ambitions he might have had when he refused to marry the daughter of a high-ranking priest.

Auron fell quickly out of favor with the Yevon elite, and the promotion went instead to his friend Wen Kinoc, who would eventually become a Maester of Yevon. Shortly afterward, Auron was enlisted by Braska to serve as a Guardian on Braska’s upcoming pilgrimage to fight Sin.

Auron found himself drawn to Braska due to his noble character and honest intentions to vanquish Sin for the sake of Spira’s people, developing a fierce devotion to Braska and his cause, consistently addressing him with honor, and defending him to any detractors.

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