Here is an awesome Crimson Viper cosplay from Street Fighter 4. Phoenix Kasai, our model here meticulously executes this cosplay.

Pheonix Kasai Cosplay as Viper from Street Fighter 4

Can you say “wow”. This is one amazing Viper cosplay. One of the best I’ve seen yet. Check out those bad ass sunglasses.


Phoenix Kasai as Crimson Viper Cosplay from SF4

This is one of the best cosplay photo shot. Period. Look at the height of that hair puff. Be sure to check out the rest of this Viper cosplay below.


Crimson Viper Cosplay from Street Fighter 4

It’s hard to not notice those nice abs.


Viper Cosplay by Phoenix Kasai in Street Fighter 4

Crimson Viper wears a specially designed Battle Suit for the tournament, developed and manufactured by S.I.N.. When inquired by an Executive as to the reason for her participation in the tournament, she states that she’s the only test subject to utilize 100% of the suit’s capabilities effectively, and thus is the prime candidate for the field test. The suit is remarkable in the sense that it resembles an ordinary business suit, though two weapons lurk within the accompanying gloves and boots.

This Crimson Viper cosplay by Phoenix Kasai easily grabs a best cosplay spot. Be sure to check out the other Street Fighter cosplays.


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