Hit after hit, Jessica Nigri has delivered eye catching cosplays. She has definitely turned heads.

Dragonair Cosplay Jessica Nigri


Its hard to immediately tell that she is in Dragonair cosplay here, however, the collar and tail gives off a good hint.  Here’s a photo with that collar closeup.

Jessie Nigri Dragonair Cosplay From Pokemon


Jessie Nigri Dragonair Cosplay


This Dragonair cosplay has captured the hearts of many and grabs a spot in the hot cosplay list.  If you love Jessica Nigri as Dragonair, check out her Pikachu cosplay and Rikku Cosplay.

Dragonair is the evolved form of Dratini. It is a Dragon-type Pokémon. Dragonair’s appearance are like sea serpents with long, sleek, bodies. The upper part of their body is light blue while its underside is white. They have a small, white horn on the forehead and two wing-shaped protuberances on the sides of the head which are often said to be ears, but are in fact wings. They have a blue orb placed at the neck and another two near the tip of the tail.

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