Final Fantasy: Advent Children’s antagonists Loz, Yazoo and Kadaj cosplays. ┬áTheir outfits are well made and side by side, any Final Fantasy fan would be able to pick them out.


Loz Cosplay, Yazoo Cosplay and Kadaj Cosplays from Final Fantasy Advent Children

All three cosplays (order: Loz cosplay, Yazoo cosplay and Kadaj cosplay) are finely portrayed. The detail in the outfits, hair styles and even personalities in this photo make this a favorite.



The incidents of Sephiroth two years ago have led the Shin-Ra Company to investigate the aftereffects left behind at the Northern Crater. The Northern Crater was void, leaving nothing behind; however, an interference happened, causing Sephiroth’s thoughts to merge into three living bodies. The three Silver Haired Brothers: Kadaj, Yazoo, And Loz, were created. This explains the similarities of their appearance to Sephiroth. Kadaj, leader of the Silver Haired Brothers, is driven to find Jenova, and to restart the Reunion in order to take revenge against the Planet. Kadaj’s deranged intent causes him to do whatever it will take to find Jenova and destroy the Planet. The Three Silver Haired Brothers fight in opposition against Shin-Ra and Cloud, and anyone else who will stand against them.

Kadaj uses a double sword called the “Souba (Twin Blade)”.



One of the members of the Silver Haired Brothers, Yazoo is mysterious in nature. Yazoo will do what he must in order to find Jenova, yet never shows much emotion. He is very passive, quiet, and will listen to the commands of his brother, Kadaj, in order to obtain Jenova.

Yazoo uses a gun blade called the “Velvet Nightmare” and primarily fights alongside his brother, Loz. Yazoo also fights without any weapon, using martial arts to attack.



Loz is the third member of the Silver Haired Brothers. His physical appearance can be misleading, seeing Loz is quite the crybaby. Loz has an impressive physical strength, being able to practically break anything that is standing in his way. Loz is also the fastest of the brothers, having the ability of transporting himself during battle. Loz mainly fights along side Yazoo, with the same goal to acquire Jenova.

Loz fights with a weapon called the Duel Hound, an electrified, tazer-like weapon that attaches to his left arm that also serves as a shield.

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