If you don’t know the characters of Street Fighter, here’s your chance to get acquainted with one. This Elena cosplay is one of the sexiest Street Fighter cosplays yet.

Sexy Elena Cosplay from Street Fighter in the water

With a tone body and doll face expression, you can’t help but to stare at this cosplay for a bit. Notice your eyes gravitate towards her face. In both pictures, the slight grin grabs your attention above all else. Or I could be wrong.

Elena a Sexy Street Fighter Cosplay crawling

This sprawled picture is amazing. Although this Elena cosplay is a bit off in terms of her character skin color, this cosplayer still pulls it off magically.

Elena generally has a darker skin tone which makes her blue eyes and white hair pop. She goes barefoot and has long, slender, powerful legs. Her white, 2-piece bathing suit instantly gives her the sexy appeal and the red, blue, yellow and purple bands she wears compliments her outfit exceptionally. It also goes to say that she is undisputedly one of the most revealing Street Fighter character to be featured.

The sexy Elena cosplay here captures the heart of many and lands itself on the hot cosplay list. If you didn’t take a second look at her, make sure you do. It’s worth the look.

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