Huxley isn’t out yet, but there are Huxley cosplay characters running around.

Huxley Cosplay Team MMOFPS

Another shot of her solo:

Huxley Cosplay MMOFPS


Huxley is a massively multiplayer online first-person shooting game (MMOFPS) developed by the H-Studio of global online entertainment company, WEBZEN Inc. Huxley takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where human beings have mutated and are divided into two opposing races, Sapiens and Alternative. At the center of the battle for survival is Lunarites, a promising new energy source that both sides seek to obtain. Forced to battle against one another for the continuance of each race, Sapiens and Alternatives are willing to do whatever it takes to wipe out the conflicting race and gain control of the world and its resources.

This game is an anticipated, yet delayed MMOFPS that will be similar to Unreal.  Hopefully the game lives up to its Huxley cosplay characters.

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