A very well done Night Elf cosplay.

Night Elf Cosplay from World of Warcraft

Notice the details of the armor.  This Night Elf cosplay has immaculate gear.  Click through for more.

World of Warcraft Cosplay as a Night Elf

The editing of the photo makes it look magical.  Looking at this Night Elf cosplay, it is as though she’s in a mystical world.

Night Elf Costume from World of Warcraft


Here you see it again.  The overlooked personality of the actor puts it all together.  This Night Elf cosplay takes a spot in the best cosplay list.

Night Elves (or “Kal’dorei” meaning “Children of the Stars” in their native tongue) are one of the oldest humanoid races native to Azeroth. Thousands of years ago, a schism occurred between the ruling Highborne mages and the rest of the population. Following the intervention of some Elven heroes and a group of warriors transported from the future, the night elf forces succeeded in preventing the Highborne from allowing the Burning Legion to permanently enter Azeroth, though the planet’s continent was shattered in the process. The schism not only destroyed the magical Well of Eternity from which the elves drew their power but also most of the rest of the continent, resulting in a vast ocean separating the continents of Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms and Northrend.

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