Jessica Nigri tops the charts with a top favorite Rikku cosplay from FFX.

Rikku Cosplay Jessica Nigri

Jessica Nigri does an amazing job playing as Rikku.  She’s executes Rikku’s odd stance comfortably.  That’s someone confident in their own skin and outfit.

Jessie Nigri Rikku Cosplay FFX


If you can’t get enough of these, also see Jessica in Pikachu cosplay or Dragonair cosplay.

Rikku is a lively, kind-hearted Al Bhed. Rikku’s father is Cid, the leader of the Al Bhed faction, and she has a brother, aptly named, Brother. Her mother died before the events of Final Fantasy X, having been killed by a faulty machina.

Strong willed, Rikku makes numerous attempts to disrupt Yuna’s pilgrimage; knowing that at the end Yuna would die, eventually she joins the pilgrimage in an effort to ensure it wouldn’t happen.

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