Okay, let’s give this Zangief cosplay from Street Fighter a round of a plause. No doubt in anyone’s mind that this beastly human being takes home the a best cosplay award.

Zangief Cosplay from Street Fighter

The beard and chest hair on this Zangief cosplay is also intense since it’s all real. Even his face expression and body language is legendary.

Zangief Cosplay from SF

Zangief also known as the ”Red Cyclone”, is a video game character created by Capcom. He is part of the Street Fighter series of fighting games, first starring in Street Fighter 2. His signature fighting style is close up and wrestler based, with devastating throws and powerful base moves. This makes him tough up close, though often has trouble with foes with projectiles.

This heavy hitter takes it home and lands itself on the best cosplay list!

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